Group provides affordable services: CHS

The National,Friday June 10th, 2016

THE Christian Health Services (CHS) provide services that are affordable, accessible and responsive to the needs of the people, chief executive officer Joseph Sika says.
Sika says CHS will always acknowledge that it contributes to the public health system in the country.
“A health service agreement will be signed soon to enhance relationships with the ealth department,” Sika said at the National Health Conference in Port Moresby on Wednesday. “CHS is committed to its ability to maintain health service delivery at minimum standards.”
Sika said CHS was present in 89 districts and 22 provinces in the country.
“You can see that churches are actually growing roots in all the districts and they are putting out facilities, trying to implement what the Government is already doing,” Sika said.
“With the little things that we have, we believe that we can be able to provide some kind of service where our people will benefit from.”
He urged all provincial health authorities As), heads of departments and health managers to work as a group with the CHS in the provinces.
“We would encourage that you talk on a collective note so that all of us come in as a team and we all sign one agreement on how to provide health services to our people and we can review it from time to time.” He said health was an area where the CHS believed it could be very cost effective, but they were actually imparting health knowledge back into the communities.
“We may not have the capabilities, we may not have the resources but in God we can make the little things make a big difference.
“And if we can get those basics back into the minds of our communities we believe that we can be able to go a long way.”