Group registers for studies abroad

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The National, Monday February 3rd, 2014

 PAPUA New Guinea students who want to study overseas may now pursue their university education in the Philippines as Paradise International Education Consultancy (PIEC), a Filipino-based education placement organisation, opens the registration for interested applicants.

PIEC executive consultant, Jensen Chow, flew into Port Moresby last Thursday to conduct information sessions on how to go to university and flying schools in the Philippines. 

PIEC has placed more than 250 PNG students in leading universities and schools in and outside Cebu.

“I hope that PIEC can be a positive and effective means for me to give back to PNG. PNG has given everything to my family and I dedicate my life in service to PNG,” Chow said. 

“An overseas education can benefit students far more than just on the academic side. My dad always said to me, ‘Travel is the best teacher and through experiencing other cultures, minds can be opened up.’ I am seeing my present students grow up and mature so much.”

PNG students, managed by PIEC, are taking up bachelor degrees in architecture and fine arts, arts and sciences, health care professions, business and economics, engineering, and pilot training in 11 universities.

For the next semester intake in June, PIEC will help more PNG students complete their education in the country. 

Parents can budget K25,755 per year to cover a year’s tuition at a reputable institution, food, board, uniform, school supplies, laptop, groceries, a mobile phone, daily allowance, and annual facilitation fee.

PNG Grade 10 graduates can start university in the Philippines. 

In 2016, the country will already be adding two more schooling years to their present 10-year curriculum.