Group slams authority over report

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The National, Tuesday November 17th, 2015


Mount Kare Gold Development Corporation, a landowner company in Enga, says the Mineral Resource Authority is causing anxiety among landowners   

Chairman Pes Watai referred to The National story on November 5 in which a MRA official said there was no landowner body in Mt Kare.

Watai said it was an insult to the landowners. 

He said a letter dated March 14, 2014 from the Mining Minister Byron Chan, to the MRA managing director Philip Samar, recognised it as the landowner umbrella company. 

 “MKGDC is not disputing the current exploration license (EL1093) held by tenant holder Summit Indochine Limited that is awaiting renewal by the Mining Minister,” he said. 

“MKGDC stands united to work for the maximum benefits of the landowners. 

“We have waited and suffered for so long. 

“All we want is for the project to go ahead as soon as possible and no later than 2016.” 

Earlier this month at a meeting, he said the 21 agents from the seven clans agreed that the company represented them to work with the developer.

“They voted to have MKGDC be the sole landowner umbrella company to work with the developer, provincial and national governments,” he said.

The Special Mining Lease comprises seven major clans namely Pakeya, Komai, Leyapi, Heli, Yolo, Kewai and Terewana.

Chairman of Ipaita Limited Peter Tako pledged his support for Watai and the umbrella company. 

Tako said he had to put aside the leadership tussle and work together for the betterment of the landowners.