Group uses Bible to inspire work

The National, Friday July 22nd, 2016

HOPE Youth Corps are using an example in the Bible to inspire their work.
The Australian volunteer organisation, part of a global setup, is in PNG for two weeks to help communities.
Helping out at Cheshire Disability Home, team leader Russel Lopez said that Jesus did not come to see the healthy and able person but the sick according to the Bible.
“We feel privileged to help out at the Cheshire Disability Home,” Lopez said.
The Hope group has split into two to land a helping hand in communities since Monday.
“We are reaching out to the disability here in Cheshire, so basically we provide health guides to the people – simple hand-washing and brushing of teeth,” he said.
“Besides that, we provide some feeding programme, we help them out on how to feed them and we do some health checks and facial therapy,”
Lopez said the Hope programme was not only about meeting the physical and emotional needs but getting through spiritual matters as well.
“It’s good if you give with all your heart and you give whatever you think you can extend to them. It’s amazing and it’s a privilege and an opportunity to do that,” he said.
Hope Youth Corps was established in 1994 by HOPE worldwide and is a faith-based, service-learning program designed for high school and college students. Working with HOPE worldwide programmes in developing countries and within the United States, HYC participants serve lower-income communities through various outreach efforts and community maintenance programs.
Participants at international HYC sites have served in different ways. They have bandaged the wounds of leprosy patients, performed street plays about HIV/AIDS and TB, cared for children infected with HIV, cleaned and repaired orphanages and clinics, among others.
donated blood, distributed food and clothing, assisted medical personnel, taught English and math classes, and encouraged the elderly, the sick, and the lonely.