Groups told to participate in activism


GOVERNMENT departments, schools, churches, non-government organisations and development partners are expected to use a 20-day human rights activism this month to advocate for human rights issues faced in the country.
National Aids Council regional manager Valentine Tangoh urged everyone to work together in addressing the high rate of gender-based violence, sorcery-related deaths and HIV-related issues.
“The 20 days of human rights activism (beginning Nov 10) is when people can start doing activities in their own areas – not necessarily in relation to World Aids Day, but things which they are already involved in, things impacting on HIV such as human rights, gender-based violence,” he said.
“It gives us the opportunity through whatever activities we are planning to do to bring to the attention of the government. For instance, we are talking about free health policy but not all have access to health service.
“We are encouraging partners and Non-government (NGO) organisations to carry out this awareness and advocacy and make people to change their attitude and make policy makers aware.”