Grow in Christ and reach out, students told


THE University of Papua New Guinea Seventh-day Adventist church welcomed more than 30 first year Adventist students through an orientation programme last weekend.
This is an annual programme that starts from Friday evening and ends on Sunday with a lunch where the new students from the UPNG and Taurama campus are introduced to the church, continuing students, church members and young professionals.
Guest speaker Ps Willie Siso of the Korobosea SDA church spoke on the theme “Grow in Christ and reach out to the lost”.
Siso urged church members to maintain their spiritual life by following Christ’s examples.
“You grow in Christ first and then you reach out to the lost in spreading the Word of God,” he said.
“When we study the Word of God or the Bible, it takes time to help us grow in Christ so spend quality time in understanding Scriptures.
“Life among Christians includes fellowship, sharing belongings with one another and helping amongst others.
“Serving others help in strengthening your faith in God.
“Students, you have a role to play to help someone come to know Christ, whether it be your roommate, classmate, academic staff or whom you associate with on campus.”
Siso encouraged all the students to maintain constant Bible study.
Year one science foundation student Remedy Amevo said he would set his priority right and maintain his spiritual life.
“I missed my parents when I first entered UPNG and felt homesick,” he said.
“But I’m thankful to the church parents for welcoming me.
“I now feel at home.
“I see that putting God first is important in my life.”