Growers face transport problem

National, Normal

The National, Tuesday October 15th, 2013

 TRANSPORTATION of coffee from two of Morobe’s top-growing areas, Kabwum and Menyamya, has been affected by the province’s ever-present transport and infrastructure problems, a commerce and tourism officer says.

Morobe commerce and tourism adviser Tali Yanga confirmed yesterday that Kabwum growers were hard hit by Lutheran Shipping ceasing services to their nearest port at Wasu, while Menyamya’s road conditions were atrocious.

“Lutheran Shipping is not going to Wasu anymore,” he said.

“Once we increase accessibility and infrastructure, markets will open up, delivery of goods and services will open up.

“The focus of the government should be on fixing and maintaining infrastructure.”

Yanga said the Menyamya road was only accessible by four-wheel drive vehicles on dry days but turned into an impassable quagmire on rainy days.

“The road conditions are very bad,” he said.

“It needs full maintenance.

“Big vehicles with containers can’t go in, it’s only the Land Cruisers.

“The Yha Hauka coffee factory at Aseki was closed down some years ago because of the road conditions.

“How can the company open and operate a mill there?”