Growers impress organisers


THE virgin coconut oil downstream processing products by Milne Bay coconut growers have impressed show organisers at the World Coconut Day celebrations last weekend.
The biannual event, celebrated only in Milne Bay, attracted growers from Alotau, Samarai-Murua, Esa’ala and Kiriwina-Goodenough.
Milne Bay division of agriculture and livestock principal advisor Jonathan Kapoila said since the inaugural celebrations in 2019 at Bubuletta, coconut growers had improved the quality of their products.
Milne Bay Integrated Cooperative Association chairman, Noah Taugaloidi said the growers were serious about being involved in small-medium enterprises.
The products include soap, body lotions and oil. The event was supported by the division, provincial government and the Kokonas Industri Korporesen.
Achieved so far are:

  • 20 coconut nurseries established each having a capacity of 5,000, 10,000 and 20,000;
  • 220,000 coconut seedlings raised;
  • 60,140 seedlings planted covering 488 hectares;
  • 3,500 Farmers served;
  • 25 small-medium businesses established;
  • 28 white copra facilities distributed to farmers;
  • THREE coconut based farming established;
  • MARKET chain outlet for virgin coconut oil for Milne Bay farmers; and,
  • DISTRIBUTION of 28 electrical graters to farmers.

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