Gruelling event

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THE Port Moresby Motorcycle Club held an event that was a little different from the usual close quarter combat of their gruelling Enduro course and opted for a longer, faster off-road course with tight, offering high speed bends and hairpin corners last weekend.  
The race was called Three Points Endura because of three key points that define the course which is run over a 10km loop that saw riders crossing dry lake beds, tight rock strewn downhill sections and fast dual track.
Dust was also a large factor which was blinding at points, making large logs and rocks almost impossible to see as the 13 riders took to the three-hour challenge .
The event has made club history as their fastest off-road event, the Port Moresby Motorcycle Club had held as some riders recorded passing other competitors in dusty conditions at speeds of around 130kph.
A mid-morning start on a dry lake bed sent the pack charging to the first turn and onto the first leg of the 10km loop.
Disappointment for Daan Van Pletzen as his apparently cursed rear tyre scored repeated punctures in the opening rounds which finally forced him to retire.
By the early stages, Mr Consistency, Mal Woods, had reached his cruising altitude, locked in and set sail, putting in consistently fast lap times  aboard his Honda that saw him take control of the race and not let go. 
Meanwhile, race favourite Chris Pevey had dismissed himself from the race due to an eye injury, but rallied later  to rejoin the fray and clock some blisteringly fast times to get back into contention.
Injuries were few, but painful none the less as junior rider Ben Paton took a tumble at the closing stages of the race.
Regardless, he soldiered onto complete the event.