Guard dog is not the answer

Letters, Normal

The National, Friday, May 6, 2011

I AM disappointed with the “so-called crowd control” employed by the UPNG Security Force during the recent UPNG graduation ceremony.
Instead of employing more personnel, the security decided to use a dog to control parents, relatives and friends who turned up to witness the UPNG graduation last Friday.
This is uncalled for as the fierce dog made a nuisance by attempting to bite those unwary people who wandered too close to it.
This is the first time a dog was used and I hope it will be the last.
Many of the parents, relatives and friends flew in from other provinces to witness this significant day of the graduates.
When they wanted to have a closer view and to take photographs, they were chased away by the security guards and the dog.
Security dogs are only used to chase criminals and intruders.
I believe it was not proper for the university to have allowed the company to use a dog as crowd control on this special day.
I believe people are reasonable and if they are di­rected by guide ropes or tapes, they will follow.
The security personnel were even trying to control photographers by tell­ing them to take only one shot each.
How can they tell parents and relatives to take only one shot of this memo­rable event?


Marleen Akop
Port Moresby