Guard, vendor killed in Goroka

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The National, Monday, June 6th 2011

A DOUBLE killinng has marred a peaceful weekend in Goroka, Eastern Highlands.
The killings took place between 11pm and midnight Friday in the heart of town near the Big Pig shop when three men armed with knives attacked a lone security guard,
Police said the three assailants stabbed the lone guard in his chest and that penetrated the heart, killing him instantly.
The deceased had been identified as En Jay, 25, from the Dom area, in the Sinasina-Yongomugl district of neighbouring Chimbu.
Relatives of the deceased took revenge on Saturday morning.
They attacked betelnut vendors at Goroka’s popular Kakaruk Market.
Police said the relatives of the deceased then kidnapped a betelnut vendor who happened to be from the same Dom area and took him to 7-Mile on the outskirts of Goroka town.
The vendor was then reportedly chained to an avocado tree and boiling-hot water was poured over him.
The police said the kidnapped vendor was tortured for about three hours before he died.
Police arrived at the scene following a tip-off and retrieved the body before taking it to the Goroka Base Hospital morgue.
The Dom community at 7-Mile admitted to committing the double murders.
And they said they would cooperate with police investigations into the killings.
Attempts yesterday to get comments from the EHP provincial police commander Augustine Wampe were unsuccessful yesterday.