Guests laud new hotel

National, Normal

The National, Tuesday 22nd November 2011

GUESTS at the opening of the Grand Papua Hotel last week have cautioned the management not to lease or rent out whole apartments or suites to any LNG-related company, but instead to leave it for citizens to enjoy.
Judy Lahari, who accompanied her husband to the event, said the hotel was in a class of its own and needed to be used by all citizens to make them feel privileged to be seen at such a luxurious hotel.
She said many hotels and guest houses were being taken over as accommodation units for the LNG workers and PNG people were missing out.
“Most people who have been abroad can come here and expe­rience the difference, and also appreciate that there is one such hotel right at their doorstep.
“And for those who haven’t been overseas, let them use this hotel to experience living in such a wonderful place.
“Let’s not let LNG occupy all the rooms,” she said.
Another guest, Thomas Podarua, stated that the hotel, though boasting what PNG was capable of through the Steamships Trading Company, might become an issue for the PNG elites.
He said this was due to the fact that this dreamland costs K750 plus tax for a room per night for the deluxe rooms.
“This hotel is similar to some international hotels and I am proud that PNG has one like that.
“There are a lot of ‘wow’ factors in this hotel and coming from an Information Technology background, the wireless and IT services to be used in this hotel are amazing.
“They will be letting technology do all the work from reservations to meal times, room service and other services offered.
“This for me is exci­ting because no other hotel in PNG does this,” he said.
Podarua also called on the management to allow a subsidy on conference rooms for government departments who wish to host gatherings in one of the two expansive confe­rence rooms.
Public Service Minis­ter Bart Philemon also congratulated the hotel’s management and staff as well as the Steamships board and management for its continued support in PNG.
“PNG is economically progressing well with the private sector in terms of investments and I am  happy to see one of our largest investors, Steamships Trading Company, continuing to do so.
“We thank the STC for their confidence in committing in investments in this most modern hotel.
“So I just want to thank the board and shareholders for having confidence of continuing its investment,” he said.