Guina urges officals to work together

The National,Tuesday July 5th, 2016

Department of Provincial and Local Government Affairs acting Secretary Dickson Guina has urged National Economics and Fiscal Commission officials to work together to improve service to the rural people.
He told a workshop in Port Moresby last week that the country would prosper if health, agriculture, primary production and village court operations collaborated to make a difference.
He said the Government was giving money to districts and local level governments and provinces should be ready to deliver service in their communities.“I want to challenge the districts in Central as well as Western province, wake up from your disorganisation, Gulf, Northern province and get your acts together.   If nobody is going to tell you, I am from Southern region and I am going to tell you that you need to change,” Guina said.
He told the provinces to be responsible, accountable and provide reports of service delivery in their communities.
The two-day workshop drew more than 80 participants from Northern, Milne Bay, Central, Gulf, and Western and there were representatives from the World Bank and others.