Guinness to visit Madang, discuss police brutality

The National,Tuesday July 5th, 2016

Assistant Commissioner of Police for the Northern command Peter Guinness will visit Madang provincial police commander Superintendent Jacob Singura to discuss police brutality.
Guinness said he was aware of police brutality matters raised by victims which had reached his office.
Madang town residents have raised concerns innocent members of the public being beaten by police, especially the newly-recruited police officers from Bomana Police College.
“I am very much aware of police brutality and keep on sending my legal officer in Lae to come and investigate,” Guinness said.
He said he wanted to return to Madang and discuss the issue with Singura and make police officers aware of the reality and consequences of what would happen.
“If they continue to do what they are doing, the state will not be held responsible,” Guinness said.
“I will talk to the officers next week to try and control their behaviours.”
He said police brutality in Madang had mushroomed because there was lack of command and control which was something he would talk with the PPC and officers about.
“Consequences like money coming in to build accommodation could be diverted to pay compensation for their actions or issues that the state is being sued for and that is not good,” Guinness said.
“This is something that I come to realise and this is something that I will be talking to the PPC to address and to cut down this issues of police misbehaving.”
Guinness said it was time police worked with the people to gain their trust and support.