Gul makes a living carrying market goods

Gul loading a vendor’s bag of nuts onto a wheelbarrow. – Nationalpic By GLORIA BAUAI

GENE Gul earns a living by carrying vendors farm produce to the market stalls.
Gul, 22, from Chimbu calls the market his garden.
He dropped out of grade eight at the St Mary’s Primary School in Eriku in 2016 and he spent some time at home in Kamkumung.
“I gave up lazing around and decided to properly earn money,” he said.
He is one of the men who provide the “carrier” service at the Lae main market.
They carry the cargo on their shoulders or by using wheelbarrows.
“We get paid to move their cargo in and out of the market,” he said.
They charge K5 per bag if carried on the shoulder and K2 per bag if a wheelbarrow is used.
Gene said the service was demanding and competitive.
“You have to always be alert because there is someone needing assistance with moving their cargo every second,” he said.
“There are men here who have three to four children and depend on this carrier service to feed their family.
“When you live in a growing city like Lae, you have to find a way to survive or you’ll drown.”