Gulf cholera plan out soon

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The National- Friday, January 28, 2011

 THE Gulf provincial cholera task force committee (GPCTC) will have its cholera response plan drawn out by the end of this week to address issues surrounding the cholera outbreak.

Chairman Marc Avai has directed the cholera response technical committee (CRTC) to draw up the plan and cost it out to a three-month period.

The GPCTC will coordinate all efforts and resources to contain the cholera outbreak within the given period. 

Avai said since the province was in the “dark spot” regarding the cholera outbreak last September, the CRTC should act immediately to put the response plan in place.

He also wants the cholera treatment centre to be set up this week to cater for patients outside of Kerema General Hospital’s out-patient. 

The province had recorded 237 cases and eight deaths since last week. 

The cases that were reported were from Malalaua to east and west Kikori.

 “Peoples’ lives are at stake. We will be held accountable for deaths in our province from cholera,” Avai said.

“ I urge all responsible organisations and people to coordinate effectively to contain the outbreak.

The CRTC is headed by Bonni Moisou as the co-coordinator. 

Moisou is currently the acting provincial health adviser.