Gulf clans receive business know-how from company

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The National, Thursday 11th April, 2013

 INTEROIL is assisting clans in Gulf to generate and manage income-earning activities and projects at Wabo station.

This is aimed at building and maintaining a sustainable community.

The company said it believed in building and maintaining sustainable community relations in areas it operates.

And clans in the province decided to make use of the opportunity and have formed a landowner company to participate in spin off benefits from the Gulf LNG project.

Elk-Antelope landowner company Ltd (EALCO) managing director Albert Kerut said at Wabo on Tuesday that the 139 clans each contributed K200 to start a trade store for the association.

“The trade store is an initiative of InterOil. We started small selling items like tinned fish, biscuits, flour and rice. We have plans to extend the range, small steps at a time to make it into a full trade store, didiman store and hardware store,” InterOil said.  

“EALCO is also involved in labour hire and places labour on the project.  At the moment there is about 100 workers hired from the lanco.

The company said there were a number of other initiatives EALCO could benefit particularly in all areas under the national content plan.

However, InterOil has yet to announce its joint venture partner in the Gulf LNG project development.