Gulf development, service delivery plan looks at tourism, culture


TOURISM and culture are among the 16 points outlined by Gulf Governor Chris Haiveta to underpin the development and delivery of services in the province.
Haiveta told the Gulf assembly in Kerema on Tuesday that “we must promote a positive image of Gulf at all fronts to drive tourism and encourage investment”.
“Gulf has a diverse culture, mixed genre of flora and fauna, breath-taking and scenic natural environment, historical sites and locations, and friendly people,” he said.
“It is an advantage we intend to highlight and attract visitors over the next five years.
“We will ensure that our cultural values and traditional ways, which hold the fabric of our culturally diverse society, are kept alive through cultural activities and promoted in schools and institutions.
“Plans are underway to revive our participation in the Hiri Moale Festival and the staging of the provincial Mask Festival in Toare village in the near future.”
The other 14 plans are:

  • A review of all Gulf debts and outstanding provincial deficit issues, and repayment of loans before internal revenue can come on stream in 2022;
  • diversify economic priorities and focus on agriculture, forestry, fisheries and tourism;
  • focus on agro-processing;
  • reduce costs of doing business;
  • upgrade and develop district headquarters at Kikori and Malalaua;
  • review the public service;
  • equip hospitals with adequate and regular supply of medicine and drugs. A dedicated tuberculosis centre will be established over the next 18 months with assistance of Australia and World Bank;
  • have a total education plan;
  • have a total infrastructure plan for opening up closed airstrips, upgrading road links, and declaring and opening up sea ports;
  • continue to upgrade technical institutions;
  • properly coordinate sports in the province;
  • advocate for women empowerment and gender equity;
  • continue to foster an amicable working relationship with churches including allocating 5 per cent of the provincial budget; and,
  • Support entrepreneurship and encourage SMEs.