Gulf group supports parliament project

National, Normal

The National, Thursday 18th April 2013


A GULF landowner group has supported the “Open Parliament Project” that will be implemented by the national parliament and Transparency International (PNG). 

Kikori Oil Pipeline Landowner Association (KOPLA) members were also present to witness the signing of a memorandum of understanding by Speaker of parliament Theo Zurenuoc, TIPNG and European Union on Monday. 

KOPLA chairlady Edau Gibere said they supported the initiative as it would address the issue of misappropriation of funds that had impinged economic and infrastructure development in the Kikori district and Gulf province. 

“It has been our concern that Kikori has not seen much development while money is pouring into the pockets of our leaders,” she said.

“Development projects like gas and oil have operated in Kikori for the past years but still we don’t see much development. 

“We have also learnt that government funds in trust accounts have gone missing. 

“Trust accounts, special support grants and business development grants should be stopped. 

“The open parliament project will put people in the right place and the money will be filtered down to grassroots level. 

“We hope to see that the issue of misappropriation of funds is stopped so that government funds can be used for the right purpose,” Gibere said.