Gulf landowners open bank accounts


GROUPS of landowners in Gulf are opening bank accounts as they prepare to receive their benefits from the PNG LNG project.
They were in Kikori this week as the Mineral Resources Development Company (MRDC) and Bank South Pacific officers opened new accounts for them.
The clans were from the PNG LNG project pipeline segment six and segment seven buffer zone.
The segment six corridor clans live along the border of Southern Highlands and Gulf .
The segment seven buffer zone clans live at Kikori.
The MRDC and BSP teams would be in Kikori until next Friday.
As of yesterday, 220 new accounts for buffer zone beneficiaries were opened, with more women stepping forward to take leadership roles as signatories to the accounts.
“A significant number of women have come up and signed as signatories to their clan accounts,” MRDC client services general manager Imbi Tagune said. “For one clan, three young women are signatories. This is very pleasing.”
A total of 332 clan accounts were expected to be opened in Kikori.
The Petroleum Department gave the clearance for MRDC to proceed with the bank account opening.
The buffer zone clans receive 30 per cent of benefits from the 44.47 per cent in segment 7 (70 per cent goes to the right of way clans).

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  • This is interesting coz segments five and four were only open the right way of the corridor as far as I am concerned.

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