Gulf needs better road system

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The National, Monday February 10th, 2014

 THE Gulf province needs better infrastructure such as roads to help the province participate in economic activities, Governor Havila Kavo said.

Kavo said the national government has awarded K87 million for the sealing of Kerema-Malalaua road and the construction for the 69km road would start next month. 

“After the road sealing, my people would enjoy comfort and travel and do business and participate in economic activities to improve their living condition,” Kavo said. 

He said a contract was awarded to do a feasibility study for a road project linking Kerema and Kikori to Port Moresby. 

However, he said additional funds were needed to complete the study. 

“I’m now asking the government for another K10 million this year to complete that road between Kerema and Kikori.”