Gulf pays K1m bond to BSP for new branch

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The National, Wednesday July 17th, 2013

 WORK on Bank South Pacific Rural Kerema branch will start soon following the payment of K1 million security bond to the bank by the Gulf provincial government. 

A BSP branch in Kerema was shut following the robbery of the bank.  

Fugutive William Nanua Kapris is among those charged with robbery.

Gulf Governor Havila Kavo and provincial administrator Marc Avai presented the security bond to BSP deputy chief executive and chief financial officer Johnson Kalo. 

“This K1 million security bond is an indication of our commitment to bring back banking services to Kerema,” Kavo said.

“The provincial government and administration are committed to ensuring that BSP could resume its operations in the province with confidence.”

“Gulf will be a major economic hub in the next few years, and it is timely for BSP to return as it will encourage participation by my people in the province’s development,” Kavo said.