Gulf people want to see development plans

Letters, Normal

The National, Wednesday October 30th, 2013

 I HAVE read that governors and MPs from provinces including Enga, Hela, East and West New Britain, Morobe and Madang have published advertisements of their respective development plans and strategies. 

Officers have displayed completed or ongoing projects such as schools, hospitals, roads and bridges.

But for Gulf, we have not heard anything of the governor’s development plans or priorities since the start of the year.

It is even more frustrating because Governor Havila Kavo is serving his second term, but still, there is no tangible evidence of his leadership in the past five years. 

The only times I have seen him in the newspapers are when there is an agenda concerning oil and gas development. 

Is that all that matters to the governor and not the welfare and wellbeing of the province’s people? 

The same goes for the Kerema MP (Richard Mendani). 

There seems to be a blackout about what is happening or what plans and priorities the Gulf governor and the MP  have set for this year and beyond. 

If other governors and MPs  can spare some toeas to inform and update their people about projects and developments for their respective provinces, I cannot see any reason why the same cannot be done by the Governor Kavo or Mendani. 

While other provinces are developing in leaps and bounds, I am sorry to say that Gulf is still in muddy waters and struggling to establish itself as a vibrant province.

This is a solemn call to Governor Kavo and Mendani to come up with some solid development plans and projects.

They must show they care for the disadvantaged people of the province.


Paiaru Walkym, Via email