Gulf prepares to count votes

National, Normal

The National, Tuesday 10th July, 2012

in Kerema

COUNTING for seats in Gulf province will begin today after all polling was completed yesterday.
Gulf provincial electoral steering committee chairman Emanuel Xavier said the final team in the hinterlands of Haia and Sobulu in Kikori and Baimuru respectively completed polling yesterday.
“We completed all polling for the province and are now awaiting a helicopter to bring the ballot boxes to Kerema,” Xavier said.
He said the provincial electoral commission and his committee were now preparing for counting.
He said the ballot boxes from Kikori and parts of Baimuru and Kaintiba would be arriving in Kerema today.
He said scrutineers were briefed yesterday on their rights and tasks.
He said campaigning and polling in the province had been orderly and peaceful.
A petition from 20 candidates contesting various seats in the province had raised concerns over security issues and the common roll update.
He said the candidates had been asked to substantiate their allegation with facts.
He also made it clear that there would be no counting of ballot papers at night.
“PNG Power Ltd has also advised us that they have enough fuel supply to provide electricity during the counting period,” Xavier said.
He expects counting to take about 10 days before a declaration is made.