Gulf-SHP road a mistake


LET me make a point about the road between Gulf and Southern Highlands.
I believe this is a mistake the road will increase the rural-to-urban migration.
Regional cities should be developed to encourage formal and informal businesses.
The cities of Mt Hagen and Goroka, for example, should be developed to encourage people to stay in their provinces in the Highlands.
The same should be for Lae – to benefit the people of the Momase region – and Kokopo for the New Guinea Islands.
Port Moresby is a national capital with modern buildings and style and is the commercial, industrial and residential base of the country.
The Papua region should have its own regional city and not rely on Port Moresby.
Port Moresby should be for modern commerce and industries with professional skilled and knowledgeable people. It should not be populated by squatters.
Formalising the settlements and granting them land titles is a grave error of judgment too because that will only create shanty towns in Port Moresby, like we see in Asia, Africa and South America.
The Vagrancy Act, like Victor I. Wavarava, of Central, suggested in The National (July 30) should be implemented to control the unnecessary inflow of rural folks from the regions.
I suggest that the Office of Urbanisation undertakes a study of squatter settlements in Port Moresby to see a breakdown pf people from each region illegally grabbing land and settling in squatter settlements in the city. This can determine whether we need the Vagrancy Act or not.
Let us talk reality and not beat around the bush.
Otherwise regional issues will cause conflicts and ethnic tensions in the city of Port Moresby in the near future.


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