Gumine road in bad state


The Gumine road is literally degrading in the eyes of its leaders.
Where is the DSIP fund, specifically the K3 million that is allocated to provide minimum service delivery standards through the re-establishment of basic infrastructures and facilities?
The entire population of Gumine, including Salt Nomane Karamui and part of Jiwaka, who are using this major road, need something better.
The road has potholes everywhere, culverts washed down the gutter, skeletal bridges and slope failures on all sections of the road. Little has been done.
It is understood that the road was poorly designed and not built to match the conditions.
The poor citizens have suffer much from the bad road; they have seen deaths, lack of food and medical supplies, and have walked for miles with patients and heavy loads every day in search of basic services.
Gumine badly needs a good road.

Concern PlesMan-Guminesuna