Gumine still moving despite challenges


GUMINE in Chimbu is not conducive for small to medium enterprises (SMEs).
The place is mountainous and rugged.
Despite that, the Gumine people of South Simbu are determined to succeed in the SME sector.
Creativity and innovation are two amazing human qualities that these people have.
Some of them recently purchased trucks to transport passengers and coffee bags to Kundiawa.
Others have ventured into coffee growing as well as the hospitality business.
James Wai Kona runs a guest house in Dirima village.
Two weeks ago at his Guire Guest house, he cooked our meals, washed the pots and pans and did almost every other house-keeping duty by himself although his wife was around.
Among the guests was Gumine MP Nick Kuman, who is also Higher Education, Research, Science and Technology Minister and an Australian university professor.
Kona is a humble individual whose life story is inspirational.
The resilience and determination of the Gumine people is amazing despite the lack of maintenance on their roads.
They battle against human-induced adversities (roadblocks and roadside parasites) as well among natural challenges on their trips to Kundiawa.

Paul Waugla Wii
Eastern Campus

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  • Very good initiative and down to earth humble man Mr. Wai kona,you can do a simple thing like this to make big difference in your community and your surrounding nabours to see and follow…if Mr.Wai Kona can do it why not other Golen Tribes in Gumine area?????

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