Gumine team not doing right thing

Letters, Normal

The National- Monday, January 24, 2011

 GUMINE MP Lucas Dekena (The National, Jan 17) praised Robert Bartho as a man with “special ability to deliver results and is alert, spot-on and reliable”. 

The member must not forget that every contract that was awarded by JDPBPC, Bartho charges 10% fees as a stamp duty. Is that a special ability and reliable? 

On Jan 15, Bartho spoke to an audience of about 100 people at a gathering at his 5-Mile residence, saying that he went to Cairns and bought a property for the member. 

This was public announcement. 

The member has only contradicted himself when his cohort admitted buying a property when  denying it outright. 

Bartho also said during the gathering that he was the king of Gumine and all Gumine people are his subjects.

When was his coronation, and what leadership ability does he have? 

Both Dekena and Bartho must take a full-page paid advertisement to inform Gumine of the involvement of GDP, and the business arm in Cairns, Bartho Earthmoving Construction and the coronation of “king Bartho”. 

It is typical of MPs to hide their deals and try to be as innocent as possible, knowing well that the election is just around the corner. 

Some of the people who were mentioned in the MP’s letter were never a part of the team mentioned. There was never a team.



Dom Erayal