Gun ban challenged


THE recent move (The National, Feb 16) by the Government to ban all guns including those that are licensed is totally unfair to those who purchase their firearms through transparent procedures/ protocol for hunting.
The government failed to provide facts /statistic on SSG (single shotgun 12-gauge) being used in any criminal activities around the country.
It also failed those in remote/ rural areas who depend on their licensed SSG for their income through hunting.
It’s really uncalled for.
The three disciplinary organisations are exempted, when in fact, they are the very ones who fail to secure their firearms.
This results in firearms falling into the wrong hands and resulting in killings around the country.
Gun-related violence will not go away overnight unless those in authority (police/Correctional Service/army) prevent it by securing their own from falling into wrong hands.
I am a licensed holder of a SSG for the past 25 years.
I have always been faithful yearly by renewing my licence.
It is well secured and I don’t see why I should be victimised for all the gun-related violence using M16s, AR15s, AK 47s, SIG Sauers, Glocks 9mm handguns, Beanery pump actions, etc,etc.
Please be fair and give us a second thought.

Ramu Valley

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