Guna celebrates Fuzzy Wuzzy Day

National, Normal

NOVEMBER 3 and Guna Beach in Oro province were the exact date and site of the landing of Japanese troops in 1942, bringing the World War II to Papua New Guinea.
For the Guna community, Tuesday, Nov 3, was spent celebrating the inaugural Fuzzy Wuzzy Angel Day.
In Port Moresby and around the country, the celebration of Fuzzy Wuzzy Angel Day was cancelled due to lack of funds and late notice for the organisations concerned to prepare.
In Oro province, Governor Suckling Tamanabae gave the organising committee K10,000 to plan the celebrations which included skits and dramas depicting war scenes and other activities.
Copland Gewa, a spectator at the celebrations, told The National that although the time for organising the event was short, they managed to stage it successfully.