Guns are major threat to voters


THE unanswered question that keeps battling people’s mind is how ordinary people have in their possessions factory-made guns, even to this day and there are people to be blamed for.
Some provinces, name withheld for security reasons, have high-powered guns more advance than that of PNG Defence Force and the Royal Papua New Guinea Constabulary.
People are now in fear as they will no longer have a chance to vote.
Polling sites are considered dangerous zones in some provinces.
It is understandably evident that guns pose great threat to the lives of voters.
In a democratic state like Papua New Guinea, freedom of choice in the case of voting must not be dictated by force.
Putting someone at gun point to vote a particular candidate is not democracy.
The practice of democracy under the Act of United Nations will be another child’s play guide.
Guns are purposely bought as security for people.
Some people who have enemies might have possession of arms as a defence in case of unexpected hold-up, fight or pre-plan murder attempt.
People are now in possession of factory guns like M27 Infantry Automatic Rifle, Automatic AR15, SIG550, Type 58 Assault Rifle, M4 Commando, M16 and the most high-powered is Type 89,5.56×45 mm which has a stand at the pipe towards the bullet entry.
These are European and American manufactured guns.
As the threat of guns are increasing in some volatile regions of the nation, there must also be active measures to contain the unexpected situation.
For people to vote freely is a major challenge.
The recent decision by the Electoral Commission to have separate voting booths for male and female is good news but it won’t work in the Highlands.
In other words, the Electoral Commission is putting the lives of women and girls at risk.
The democracy is rotting away as a result of local culture mixing with Western culture. The presence of arms at polling venues is the greatest threat.
The security personnel have less voice and are out-numbered and underestimated.
I fear the lives of women and children.
Mass immigration and evacuation will likely to rise as a result of election violence.

Justin Max
Kuli Kombu village