Guns control people, say Ipatas, Singirok as they call for report to be tabled


THE government has urged to table the Guns Control Committee’s report in Parliament.
The call came from Enga Governor Sir Peter Ipatas and chairman of the committee, Jerry Singirok.
Singirok said that during the Enga Development Forum on the law and order breakdown in Enga the country must look after national security. He said national security was very important, yet leaders were not taking it seriously.
Singirok said guns were used to commit about 80 per cent of the crimes in the country.
He said a huge amount of guns were smuggled into the country from Australia and Indonesia which put the lives of the people at risk.
“I call on this government to table the Guns Control Committee’s report on the first sitting of parliament next year,” he said.
Sir Peter said guns controlled people these days. He said ward councillors and community leaders no longer led their communities.
“People with high-powered guns consider themselves leaders and take over the leadership,” he said.
Ipatas said the traditional style of leadership no longer existed.
“I don’t know why the Guns Control Committee’s report has not been tabled in parliament and am calling on the government to table the report,” he said.
He said Enga faced many problems because of guns.

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