Guns traded for better roads in Maramuni

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MARAMUNI people living at the border of Enga and East Sepik provinces yesterday surrendered 56 guns to the police.
This is the third time the people there surrendered weapons illegally kept in their possession and was also the biggest in terms of the number of firearms handed over.
The guns were dismantled before being set on fire by the police.
The guns surrender was an initiative of local MP for Wabag and Foreign Affairs Minister Sam Abal under his “Lusim Gun na Holim Sapol,” (Hand over gun for spade) policy initiated in 2007.
The two previous gun surrenders took place in 2008 and this was witnessed by Police Commissioner Gari Baki.
At the ceremony, Mr Abal and acting provincial police commander Chief Insp Martin Lakari, commended the people for  their initiative.
Of the guns surrendered, 12 were factory-made, which included single shot and five rounds, while 44 were home-made.
The guns surrender was made possible after a section of mobile squad 12 from Laiagam and police task force in the province, led by Sgt Mathew Nogono, campaigned in Maramuni against weapons.
They told the people to grab the opportunity to swap the guns for goods and services.
Mr Abal told the people that since they surrendered their guns, he would give the contract of the 70km road construction from Wabag to Maramuni to the people to construct it.
He said the road would be divided evenly among the people in the 13 council wards.
He said he wanted the project to be completed by this year.