GWU is not a private company

Letters, Normal

I REFER to the letter “What is happening, GDC?” (The National, Nov 24) by Domgal.
The Kundiawa-Gembogl Development Corporation (KGDC) is registered with the Investment Promotion Authority (IPA), operating as a private company with Waiye, Niglkande, Kundiawa urban and Mitnande LLGs as shareholders.
For the writer’s information, there is no Gumine Development Corporation (GDC).
There is a Gumine Works Unit (GWU) but it is not registered as a private company.
It is against the guidelines and regulations of the Office of Rural Development (ORD) to use the district services improvement programme (DSIP) funds to register private companies.
The unit was set up to upgrade deteriorating rural road infrastructure and to open up accessibilities for the people of Gumine, not to make profits.
The earthmoving machines, which cost some K4 million, have done wonders in Gumine and I dare say it is the only district in Chimbu that is performing above expectations.
When our equipment is hired by others outside the district, the money generated is deposited directly into Gumine district treasury and used as operational costs to pay operators, fuel and parts.
The unit’s main objective is to upgrade rundown roads in the district.
We are not here to make profits and I invite the writer to drive from Onule to Neragaima and Genanbona and see for himself what we have achieved with K26,000.
The GWU is now building road from Genabona to Dia via Pildimna as an alternate route for Gumine-Karimui road.
If the comments are politically motivated, I urge the writer to wait for 2012 election as the MP, Lucas Dekena, still has 18 months left to serve his people.


Robert Bartho
Gumine Works Unit