H’lands councillors want vote on LLG presidents

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The National, Thursday 11th April, 2013

 TWO Highlands councillors have called for local level government presidents to be elected by councillors and not by the people.

Joseph Mon from Waipip ward 1 in Nebilyer, Western Highlands, and Samuel Mambo from Imbonggu, Southern Highlands, expressed concern that tensions and rivalry would mar the forthcoming LLG elections in the Highlands 


“People’s misunderstanding in electing leaders still exists coupled with general elections tension and it is likely that anyone that intend to contest president seat will never penetrate into other communities to voice his or her platforms,” Mambo said.

“Prime Minister Peter O’Neill and other Highlands MPs know the current situation we are referring to and they need to re-schedule election dates or ensure presidents are voted by councilors.” 

Mon added that clansmen of former politicians claimed vehicles, removed bridges or burned down classrooms and health centres claiming that it was their MP that provided these services. 

“People never realise that it was government monies that were used to fund the projects for entire peoples benefit,” he said.