H’lands-Lae travellers slam increase in PMV fares

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The National,Thursday 22nd December 2011

THE travelling public is crying foul over the illegal bus fare increase by operators between Lae and Mt Hagen who have raised fares from K50 to K80.
It has become a trend for PMV operators to illegally increase the fares during the busiest periods of the year, especially Easter and Christmas, when the number of the commuters on the road soars.
Affected passengers said it was now a nightmare for families travelling in groups as the increase in fares had seen people struggling to get a space on the route-100 buses.
They said it was not fair to see PMV operators controlling the transport system and want the relevant authorities to impose a ticketing system similar to that used for air and sea travel.
“It’s even worse when the authorities are not monitoring the situation closely.
“And that allows for these crooks to make money illegally,” a father from Southern Highlands, with four children, said.
He would pay more than K400.
“This only happens during the holidays when many students are travelling.
“When the holidays are  over the fares are decreased again to the normal K50.
“There is no special fare for students with ID cards.
“As service providers they are cheating the public,” a student said.
They said the route-100 bus service should always adhere to the fixed rate like the sea and air transport.
Attempts to get comments from the Morobe Land Transport Board were unsuccessful.