H’lands police flown into city

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The National, Friday 16th December 2011

POLICE have confirmed that some officers from the Highlands region have been flown into Port Moresby to assist in maintaining law and order.
Tom Kulunga, who insists that he remains commissioner, said he issued instructions to have the officers flown over to help maintain law and order in the city because of the recent political upheaval.
Radio Australia reported that Peter O’Neill had arranged for officers to fly to Port Moresby to seize important government assets from the Somare faction.
However, Fred Yakasa who was appointed on Monday by the Somare faction as Acting Police Commissioner maintained that he was in charge of the constabulary.
He said all police officers must obey orders and follow directives from his office.
“I have no idea about the arrival of these officers. You (media) have to ask them what the
issue is that needed force to be applied,” he said. 
“I am appointed by a legitimate government and I expect all police men and women to get orders from me.”
Yakasa said there was no reason for these officers to be deployed and police officers should not be manipulated by politicians for personal agendas.
Kulunga said he did not know how many police officers were flown in but said some came on Wednesday and others yesterday.
The police faction led by Yakasa who were guarding  Morauta House and Government House had left their locations yesterday afternoon.
Meanwhile, Enga provincial police commander Martin Lakari said his men would remain neutral and  wait until all issues were properly resolved and a proper government was in place.