H’lands women want MPs to unite, pass bill

Highlands, Normal

The National, Wednesday 01st Febuary 2012

WOMEN leaders from the seven Highlands provinces attending a week-long workshop on “Women Candidate Training Strategy” in Mt Hagen, Western Highlands, are calling on parliamentarians to pass the Enabling Act to make the 22 reserved seats for women become a reality.
The women leaders said the Enabling Act would require 73 votes and they urged MPs on both sides to put their differences aside.
Chimbu Council of Women president Martha Kaiun and Chimbu Women-In-Politics president Dere Cecilia Kimagl said yesterday women had a lot to contribute to the nation’s development.
Kaiun and Kimagl said Dame Carol Kidu was the only woman MP in the parliament, but she had contributed greatly to the country.
They said women were good managers of families and in other fields and would do the same if they were given a chance in parliament.
They thanked Dame Carol for introducing the Bill in parliament.
Kaiun said time was against them because the writs for the general election would be issued in April.
She said the three million women in the country would be not happy if the Act was not passed.
Kimagl said women had other plans if the Act was not passed but would not reveal their next move just yet.
She said the women were now watching what transpired in parliament closely.