Hagara hosts Teachers’ Day

Normal, Papua


THE Hagara primary school located at Hanuabada village in Port Moresby hosted the zone one schools’ celebrations of the International Teachers’ Day last Friday.
Teachers in respective schools wore T-shirts with their school colors to mark their day including last year’s host Baruni primary in purple, Tatana primary in yellow, Koki St Francis primary in white and St Michael’s primary in blue colored t-shirts.
Unfortunately, Daugo Primary School at Fisherman Island did not make it, however, they will host next year’s celebrations.
Daugo was selected as next years’ host through a luck dip.
With the theme “Achieving a better future though quality education and training” zone one standard officer Iru Warupi urged teachers to recognise their work and know that they play a vital role in educating children and the nation.
He told teachers to see their achievements and successes throughout the past year.
“You have to ask yourself, how have I fulfilled my obligation for the 45- 50 children in the classroom and what have I not done that I should have done?” he asked.
“These two questions should align you to see your achievements and successes,” he said.
Mr Warupi suggested that both primary and elementary teachers should come together as one during International Teachers’ Day as they set the foundations for children before going into primary schools.
He said teachers must change their attitude towards their work if they had not done good enough this year.
Teachers were encouraged to appreciate their work and were told that “Jesus Christ was the greatest teacher to had lived” and they should be proud of that and follow in His footsteps.
They were also reminded of the up coming PNG Teachers’ Association elections and advised to vote wisely for their candidates for zone one.
St Michael’s Primary School headmaster Muri Kevau will be contesting for the male representative for PNGTA southern region while Baruni primary school head master Peter Maima for NCD branch president.