Hagara Primary spots new look

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HAGARA Primary School in the National Capital District, which has been neglected over many years, now spots a brand new look.
Yesterday, NCD Governor Powes Parkop opened a new building housing six classrooms to the delight of students, teachers and parents in the Motu-Koita village of Hanuabada.
It is part of Mr Parkop’s continuous support to upgrade elementary and primary schools in the capital.
Like Kilakila and other colonial days’ schools, Hagara was built in 1948 and was opened the following year.
“The Government has neglected it since its establishment,’’ headmaster Yori Tom said.
“We must take education as an investment and look after learning facilities (classrooms); regard classrooms as assets and take care of them,” he said. 
Mr Tom discouraged students from graffiti and defacing the new classrooms and urged teachers to be punctual and committed to their work.
“Responsibilities are great, apart from teaching morale and ethics and the standard curriculum, teach spiritual education too,” he said.
The building was built by Trade Works, a locally-owned contractor, at a cost of K770,000.
Mr Parkop said: “Hagara was one of the schools that produced doctors, carpenters and people of different trades.
“It is sad to know that it has been neglected by the Government for the past 61 years.
“We should be ashamed to allow our schools to deteriorate because if we want a good country, we must invest in our children through education.
“Places like classrooms should be well kept with respect as they are our learning tools,” he added.
Mr Parkop said the board of management of Hagara must take responsibility and work together with the parents and teachers.
He also urged the board to wisely use subsidies from the Government.
Two of the rooms will be used as a library and science laboratory.
The building was erected under the NCDC education services grant.