Hagen hospital short of supplies

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The National, Monday 13th May 2013


THE Mt Hagen Provincial Hospital is dealing with emergency cases only after a shortage in medical supplies caused by transport problems.

Medical supplies cannot reach the hospital because the road has been cut off by the landslide between Wapar and Kaukau market in Kerowagi district, Chimbu. 

Vehicles have been held up on both sides of the blocked section after the landslide on May 4.

Drugs, oxygen and other supplies such as contained carbon dioxide and helium are running low and usage has been restricted until supplies are replenished.

Dr James Kintwa, chairman of the Western Highlands provincial health authority, said the Highlands region supplies were based at Dobel in Mt Hagen. 

They had to be transported by road to the hospital.

Kintwa said this is the second week of the highway closure.

Mendi General Hospital chief executive Joe Turian said they were also facing problems with medical supplies due to road closure and seeing emergency cases only.

He said sick people must understand the situation and make use of facilities at their health centres and aid posts.

He said critical times such as this, health centres and aid posts should treat sick people while the hospital looked after emergency cases. 

Tari Hospital will face electricity problem if the road closure continues as the hospital’s diesel supply was running low. 

Diesel is used for the generator and vehicles.

Dr Hamiya Hewali, acting Hela provincial health adviser, said medical supplies were normal but he warned staff to use fuel carefully.

He said the hospital was operating on a credit basis after the province recurrent budget was not approved.

In addition, the treasury office was closed, he said.