Hagen Kona Kai project a failure

Letters, Normal

The National – Tuesday, December 21, 2010

I DO not know the objective of the “Hagen Kona Kai” project but I know the governor has spent a substantial amount of money to initiate it.
The project vehicles are meant to help reduce the escalating law and order problems in the city.
Unfortunately, the vehicles are being used as family vehicles.
In the Melpa language, the phrase “Hagen Kone Kai” means Hagen is a place or an environment that is conducive for the existence of life.
This means a healthy environment and friendly surroundings where the people feel safe and there is zero tolerance to violence and crime.
The term “Kona Kai”, during the time of our forefather, refers to a sacred place or environment where you find peace, hope and confidence.
However, Mt Hagen today is becoming a dangerous place to live in.
Although the project hopes to improve the quality of life, unfortunately the people are experiencing some of the worst problems such as:
* The Hagen Kona Kai vehicles are being misused and abused; 
* Rubbish piling up in many residential and commercial areas; 
* Many of the potholes have become craters; 
* A drastic increase in the number of drug addicts; 
* An increase in violence and crimes in and outside of the city;
* More women and girls are abused and harassed;  
* An increase in the number of street vendors; 
* Settlements have mushroomed all over;  
* People from neighbouring provinces flooding into the city;
* Street mangis harassing innocent people and vandalising properties;
* An increase in sex workers and some even ply their trade next to the police station; and
* Police personnel failing to execute their duties as expected from them.
I call on the governor to tell us the objective of the project and what he hopes to achieve.


Frustrated resident
Mt Hagen