Hagen people petition Wenge

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The National, Monday, June 6th 2011

AFFECTED Western Highlanders from Back Road in Lae are urging the Morobe government to ensure proper investigation is carried out into the destruction and looting of property.
The Hageners, including four other highlands provinces, are now taking a bold move to petition Morobe Governor Luther Wenge, the provincial government and police to address the issue properly once and for all.  
Leaders representing affected people said all business activities owned and operated by highlanders in Lae city, including PMV buses, fuel stations, shops and kaibars would cease for an indefinite period.
That will take effect when the petition is delivered to Wenge, provincial administrator Kemaseng Tomala and police chiefs – assistant police commander Giossi Labi, provincial police commander Peter Guinness and Lae metropolitan commander Supt Nema Mondiai.
Copies of the petition would be sent to all MPs in the five highlands provinces, they said.
“We want to live together in brotherhood and not as enemies because Morobean Lutheran missionaries brought the Word of the Lord God to the highlanders, preached it and baptised us.”
They said similar indiscriminate looting and destruction of property in West Taraka and 4-Mile were not addressed properly as those responsible were not brought to justice while property owners received no compensation to recover from the losses.
At a gathering at Kamkumung rugby oval, there were no officials from Wenge’s office, provincial administration and police.