Hagen water ‘bugs’arrested

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POLICE have arrested two suspects for pouring car engine oil into Mt Hagen’s water supply system on Sunday.
Mt Hagen metropolitan commander Chief Insp Peter Roari said the two suspects live near the main water catchment area.
“We are questioning the suspects to establish their motive and involvement. After the investigation, formal charges would be laid against them,” he said.
Waterboard officials had to shut the city’s water supply system after they found oil in one of the tanks on Sunday night.
More than 70,000 city residents and surrounding villagers have been affected since Monday.
Schools were disrupted and students sent home at midday because there was no water in toilets and for drinking.
Chief Insp Roari said if water supply was not restored by tomorrow, “we will not take in any more remandees”.
“There are about 40 remandees in the police cells.
“We are finding water elsewhere for cooking and cleaning the toilets.”
He said police personnel living in the barracks at Tech, Kimininga, St Pauls, Gomis and at Wara Kum were fetching water for drinking and washing from nearby creeks.
PNG Waterboard manager Jack Moro told businessmen on Monday night that the problem would likely take about three days to be resolved.
“We have to pump engine oil out of the tank’s three big chambers and clean them before we can allow fresh clean water to flow into the tank,” he said.
He said guards had been engaged to look after the main water inlet area.
Lord mayor Titus Doa said the people must start respecting public properties and look after them.
“Those responsible for such acts are sick in the head,” he added.