Haitians in need of our support

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ON Jan 12, a massive earthquake rocked Haiti, and up till today, the death toll continues to rise.
Rescue workers estimated that some 150,000 died in the disaster. However, a senior United Nations official said they might never know the real death toll.
More than two weeks after the earthquake, horrors continue to unfold.
At least a million people are without shelter, exposed to hunger and disease and, with the rain and hurricane seasons approaching, are vulnerable to further hazards.
They and many others are also without any source of livelihood.
Nations, private groups and individuals all over the world have stepped up to help with drinking water, food, medicines, blankets, money, equipment, their professional skills and anything else that is required.
It is estimated that it will take 10 years and perhaps US$10-20 billion to rebuild Haiti.
The Caribbean nation was still recovering from four hurricanes in 2008 when the earthquake, measuring 7.0 on the Richter scale, struck.
Getting started now on the rebuilding efforts would save countless lives and prevent a further tragic downward spiral of a society that stands on the brink of survival.
It desperately needs the world to help, Papua New Guinea included.
Digicel (PNG) Ltd and The National, PNG’s best-selling English daily, have teamed up to facilitate donations.
You can donate even just one kina and it takes less than a minute to do so.
All you need to do is text the word “HELP” with your Digicel mobile to 5151.
Each text costs just K1 and the entire amount will go to the Haiti Earthquake Relief Fund.
You can donate now.
If you wish to donate more, you can do so at Digicel’s head office in Port Moresby or join www.facebook.com/helphaiti. Remember–every kina counts.