Haku people laud technical college

National, Normal


THE country’s future depends on technical trained people, and the announcement by the Southern Highlands provincial government to establish a technical college at Hagai, South Koroba, is welcome news for the Haku community.
The announcement by SHP Governor Anderson Agiru was made in honour of the late Mark Mandibi, one of the first Papua New Guinean chief petroleum inspectors for the department of petroleum and energy, who passed away after a short illness in 2000, at the Calvary hospital in Cairns, Australia.
The leaders of Haku clan who live in different parts of the Hela region told The National that it was a significance development to experience in their area and that they were prepared to give their support.
The leaders – Stanley Hoyga Piawi, chairman of Juha Business Development Foundation, Michael Tumbiako, Andrew Tumbu, councillor Miale Hogaliba, Telewa Lemabe, Harry Haralu Meria, Pamburi Pimbirali, South Koroba LLG president Beeny Putari, David Tarali, Gibson Giabe Minara, Ipanda Porolia, Thomas Pebe, Kobe Aguma, Meria Mandibi, Michael Tumbiago and Komo LLG president Thomas Potape thanked the governor for the commitment.
The leaders said that having a technical college in Koroba would largely contribute towards the manpower capacity, empowering them with technical know-how and skilled trades personnel to effectively change this nation as well as the LNG project in the province.
They said the positive social effects would minimise criminal-related activities emanating from idle minds and bodies of the youths.
They said that the landowners would benefit from the college as well as from the LNG project.