Hamlet ‘needs’ water

Normal, Papua

The National, Monday November 11th, 2013


A COMMUNITY living at the end corner of Vabukori village outside Port Moresby is requesting  authorities to provide a reliable water supply.

The Tainatadera community is made up of settlers from Gulf who have lived in that Motuan village since 1948 when  their ancestors settled there after the traditional Hiri Moale trade between the Gulf and Motuan villagers.

They have been without a water supply for years. The  nearest water source has a problem with pressure and  people had to wait  longer to fill their containers. 

Some make sure they are there  very early  in the morning when the water pressure is high.

Resident Joe Karu Mera said “the 2,000-plus people in our community are part of the Moresby-South electorate and right now we do not have a good water supply to cater for all of us”.

“The water situation here has resulted in  children not being unable to attend school and even some of the teachers that reside here cannot go to school because they cannot wash.

“No basic water service into our area for several years although authorities, including Eda Ranu have  conducted studies.

“We still use the communal taps from the main village and it is a hard task for us, especially our mothers and daughters, who fetch water for the family daily. “Water is a necessity and fundamental part of life that we are missing out on.”

Mera said the community had formed a committee to talk to the traditional landowners and Eda Ranu to find a solution. 

An official from Eda Ranu said they would send a team  to the area and investigate.

Woman leader Lare Doi said: “When the taps go dry, we look at finding water from nearby places such as Kaugere, Badili and even to Konebada. Those that have vehicles are advantaged while some of us just have to go without water for days and suffer.”