Hand over suspect to police, says local

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The National, Thursday 30th May 2013

 LEADERS of the Moge tribe in Hagen Central, Western Highlands, have been urged to hand over to police a man suspected of killing a village councillor.

Thomas Nori from Dei said leaders of Komungal clan in the Moge tribe must respect the law and hand over the man who killed Nunga village councillor Moses Rema.

Nori also called on Rema’s relatives in the Kotnal local level government to allow police to deal with the matter and not take the law into their own hands.

Rema was killed a week after his houses were burnt down with one of his daughters inside.

Nori urged members of the Moge and Jika tribes to respect people who come to do business and visit Mt Hagen.

He said a handful of people had been tarnishing the name of the Western Highlanders.