Handling relationship with your manager

Health Watch

If you have a difficult relationship with your manager, your working life can feel even harder.
On the other hand, a good relationship can help you feel supported in your role.
If your manager is the problem, you could:

  • Review your job description. Is your manager making unreasonable requests, or being unclear about what they expect?
    Make sure you understand what your role is;
  • Communicate your concerns.
    Request a one-to-one meeting with your manager to discuss how you feel and what would help you.
    If you don’t feel comfortable meeting your manager alone, ask to bring a colleague or to record your meeting;
  • Speak to another employee.
    If you don’t feel able to talk to your manager, ask to meet with another manager or somebody from HR.
    Some workplaces have trained staff such as mental health first aiders or health and wellbeing representatives. Try to provide examples of the difficult behaviour and discuss what you’d like to change; and,
  • Contact an independent body. Get in touch with the Labour Department or Ombudsman Commission if you feel aggrieved.


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