Hanuabada mum worried


AS a concerned mother and villager from Hanauabada, I call on the authorities at the LLG, local leaders, church leaders, landowners and women’s representatives to consider the closure of the betel nut market there.
My reasons are:

  • Traffic congestion. Vehicles parked in non-parking areas such as footpaths are endangering the lives of pedestrians, including school children;
  • There is no proper waste management process in place;
  • Law and order and social disorder issues.  Now that the new Koura Highway is open our vulnerable people, people of all walks of life – with both good and bad intentions – will access the betel nut market and in doing so put our vulnerable people, like women, children and the elderlies, and innocent people in general in all sorts of unwelcoming issues.

The overall influx of market goers evidently has increased and will continue to increase daily and with the ongoing production, sale and consumption of homebrew, a social disaster looms.
Even though schools are located within the vicinity of the village, as a working mother I am always worried about the safety of my children attending the nearby schools, considering the dangers our children are subjected to daily.
To fellow villages, let us look after our village, our home and act appropriately in addressing these issues in the best interest of our people.

Concerned mother

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